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In service of Karnataka

Shri. Jayachandra T B

Has been the strong pillar of Karnataka politics, has contributed vastly to state progress for over 40 years as a politician and nevertheless he has dedicated his entire life for the service of Kannada people. 

Here is an accessible and down to earth leader at your service.

A True Gandhian

His father Boraiah was a true congressman in his days and was a reverent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and his father was the 1st inspirer into becoming a true Gandhian.

Lifetime of Trust

6 Terms MLA

People of Kallambella & Sira have put their trust in T B Jayachandra for over 30 years in the service of their motherland. equally, he is holding on to their trust with unfaltering respect by undertaking major projects in the development of Kallamballa, Sira and it’s people such as bringing Hemavati water.

Barada Nadina Bhagiratha

Outstanding Effort in Water Management

He is instrumental in making Upper Bhadra Project a reality and this project would help lakhs of farmers in parts of Chikmagalur, Chitradurga and Tumkur districts. For the outstanding efforts and work in the area of water, irrigation and agriculture people with love and affection call him Barada Nadina Bhagiratha.


Health Care & Education

Ambitious Projects

High tech Mother and Child hospital and new upgraded Taluk Hospital in Sira. Numerous Government Hostels for all communities across Sira taluk. Starting Government Polytechnique in Sira helping rural students to get into technical education with the required skill to compete with urban students were his most ambitious projects.


It's Everyone's Duty

To Save And Rejuvenate Under Ground Water
I Take The Privilege To Do My Bit

Do You?